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"Preobrazhensky Life Guards, 1709"

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Our group in 2003  Our group in 2008  in Peter-and-Paul fortress in St. Petersburg in July 2011.
This web-site is dedicated to the first Guard regiment of Russian regular army, its history during reign of Tsar Peter the First and its participation in the Great Northern War (1700-1721). It is also about living history and re-enactment - recreating outlook, life and tactics of Russian infantry in early 18th century.   

- About us - who we are, what is our undertstanding of historical re-enactment.
News & Plans from  August 25, 2015 - what happened in our Club recently and what is planned.
Gallery - photo-reports from events we participated in.
Links - web-sites related to our topic.

History of the regt - development and campaigns of the regiment and Russian army in early 18th century.
Regulations - drill manuals and military regulations. Original documents from 18th century.
Uniforms - self-explaining. Dress of Petrian army. With photos of original items.
Weapons - self-explaining, too. Cold steel and guns of Russian troops of the period. 

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